Ghost of a Dream

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Dream Home 2009, $70,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets and mixed media. 102" x 288" x 144"
Dream Ride (H3) 2008, $39,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets and mixed media 72" x 72" x 180"
Dream Vacation 2008-09, $29,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets and mixed media 120" x 120" x 120"
The Pence We Keep 2009, discarded lottery tickets and wood 16" x 20"
will it happen, it will 2009, discarded lottery tickets and ethafoam 52" x 52" x 2"
Ghost of
a Dream
Artist's Statement

Our sculpture and installations embody the essence of opulence while being constructed of materials that typically end up in the trash.  We mine popular culture searching for discarded materials that people use trying to reach their goals.  Whether it is a romance novel someone reads to transport them into a dream reality, a religious track promising the glory of eternal life, or a lottery ticket that gives the possibility of a future full of rich decadence; we use these remnants to re-create people’s dreams.


Grants and Fellowships
Vierter Stock Projektraum Berlin
The Art Prize, AXA Insurance
IAAB, Basel, Switzerland
Artist Projects, RISD
Oxbow Fellowship re-granted from The Joan Mitchell Foundation

Selected Exhibitions
This is it, (solo) Volta, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, NY
Opulence, (solo) Galerie Paris-Beijing, Beijing
Future Perfect (solo) The Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, PA
Fly By's Gallerie Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen
Young Masters Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London
Will it Happen Elga Wimmer Gallery, NY
Special Project, Volta, Basel
Runnin' on a Dream, Scope, Basel
Talent Preview 09, White Box, NY
This is not New York, This is Berlin, Salon Mastul e.V., Berlin

Artist Lectures
Albright Collage, Reading,PA
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence,RI
Oxbow School of Art, Saugatauk,MI