Gen Hikage

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Summer 24x24in oil on canvas 2012
Bacon 24x24in oil on canvas 2012
Young Girl 24x24in oil on canvas 2012
Boy in 42nd 24x24in oil on canvas 2012
Soho in July 24x24in oil on canvas 2012
Artist's Statement

My style of painting covers a broad range but it has one unifying concept: its low-angle perspective.

Although the realistic detail of my work can easily be mistaken for photorealism, the images are in fact highly filtered by my own imagination. Taking an original photographic image, I reorient the perspective to be from a low angle and create a new image that, while realistic, is charged with symbolism.


Bone in Ono city, Japan
Lives and works in Brooklyn New York
Received a B.A. in philosophy from Hosei University, Tokyo

Solo Exhibition at Ikeda Museum of 20th Century of Art, Shizuoka Japan in 2011
Solo Exhibition at Toho Gallery, Tokyo in 2009 and 2007
Exhibits at Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York in 2006
Solo Exhibition at Galerie Vivant, Tokyo in 2006
Exhibits in Peak Skill Project at the Paramount Theater, New York in 2004
Solo Exhibition at White Box Annex, New York in 2002
Exhibits at Jorgensen Gallery, New York in 1999
Exhibits at LA Art Core Brewery Annex, Los Angeles In 1997
Exhibits at Katharina Rich Perlow Gallery, New York 1994 and 1991