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Gaspar Martinez

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Artist's Statement

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1982.

From an early age I’ve had the good fortune of expressing myself easily through drawing. I found I could tell a story through just a few strokes on a canvas.
At this stage in my career I predominantly paint with oils and pastels as it allows for a spontaneity that comes from inside. When I start my story, I am stimulated by not knowing
what the final result will be, instead letting it reveal itself on the canvas before me.

The final piece is a very intimate story due to this spontaneity, achieving a level of communication that is both sincere and pure. Other pieces have a more contemplative process, in which an outside stimulus compels me to paint more socially aware and ironic subject matter (“Monja” “How to eat an ice-cream with a burka”, “Shmuck”, ”Helen, Liquid Sunshine”).


During large part of my career I’ve been self taught; acquiring my knowledge from childhood since my house was a converging place for different artists hence their friendship with my parents. I’ve been nourished from masters such as Jorge Demirjian, Miguel Angel Bengochea, Ricardo Laham or Elba Bayron, my dads partner, Alberto Martinez, my biggest mentor.

After the experience of living three years in London and one year in Dubai developing myself as an art director for Ogilvy advertising agency now is time to focus on my artistic career giving it the place I’ve always owed it.

Upcoming Exhibitions:
April 14th, Espacio el Mirador, Buenos Aires, Argentina.