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galería perdida

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
rhinoceros, 2012, 16mm Film, 7:37
Foreground: HAVE NO FEAR, 2012, Vinyl lanyard from Zamora, Michoacan, 10 Kilo Copper from Santa Clara de Cobre, Steel, Dim Vary
Platform for lowering your eyes on the compromised world, 2012, ceramic tile, 12' x 6' x 18"
Particulars, 2012, Giclée Print, original Stad Durban Typeface, 35"x52.5"
detail of The Last of All Maladies, 2012, C-Print on Opaque Scrim, Pangram Typeface, 42"x35"
Artist's Statement

The buildings stand one beside the other. They form a straight line. They are expected to form a line, and it's a serious defect in them when they don't do so. They are then said to be 'subject to alignment', meaning that they can by rights be demolished, so as to be rebuilt in a straight line with the others.


2012 SOMA Artist in Residence, Mexico City

2009 Museum of Fine Arts Houston CORE Artist in Residence Program, Houston TX

CCA Kitakyushu Artist in Residence Program, Kitakyushu Japan
Artist in Residence, Project Row Houses, Houston TX 

Solo Projects

2012 La carne de burro no es transparente, Luckman Fine Arts Complex, Los Angeles, CA

2011 Matryoshka, Recess Activities, New York, NY

View from above, Light & Wire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2010 you dream of better things, The Prop Shop, Los Angeles CA

2009 parallel, the neither of us, The Naxal Belt, New York NY

2008 the parade ends, exhibition of books, MFAH Hirsch Library

para/site, satellite gallery, Houston TX

2007 Comida Corrida, performance, Chilchota, Mich. Mexico