Gabriel J. Shuldiner

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Neo-Romantic Doting On Miscellaneous Catastrophes (G0666), 2010.
Mal Baåisee (G0521), 2009.
We Cannot Discern Truth, But We Can Play With The Nonsense (G0480), 2009
That Persistent Feeling That Something Is Wrong (G0437), 2009.
Irresolvable Conflicts (G0507), 2009
Gabriel J.
Artist's Statement

The silence is the crack, and I am soothed by the cracks all around me, by that [negative] space, the glitch, the error, the page-not-found, the nothingness, the black. That is what I paint: these seemingly accidental sounds, spaces, moments…

Combining minimalism and punk attitude, the idea is to remix unmatchable elements, slash boundaries and create tension between opposites: a 21st century hybrid mashup. A sort of “post-postmodern, post-punk, post-rave, post-medium, post-apocalyptic, post-existential Zen meditation”, at times deceptively sardonic, cynical and nihilistic. If painting is once again, really and truly dead, then I am producing its willful zombies...


Gabriel J. Shuldiner is an emerging artist living and working in New York City. Having just graduated in June from Parsons School of Design with an MFA in Fine Arts, he is currently in the Bronx Museum's Artist in the Marketplace (AIM 30) program. His current show, Black MASH: Seven New BLACK Paintings In The Midst Of The Second Great Depression, just opened at Jodi Arnold New York City, and will be on view through February 28th, 2010. A limited number of Black Chunk necklaces from his upcoming Fleurs Du Mal Collection (based directly on his studio practice) are already available at BBlessing in New York City.