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Gabriel Cruz

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
NYC #3 . Acrylic on canvas . 41" x 72"
NYC #6 . Acrylic on canvas .50" x 60"
Bryant Park .Acrylic on canvas. 40" x 48"
NYC #7 . Acrylic on canvas . 52" x 70"
Central Park . Acrylic on canvas . 46" x 70"
Artist's Statement

Everyone has their own New York, even those of us who have not been here. At the same time, New York is in all of us. I’ve spent many hours walking these streets, contemplating, breathing, and feeling this city. A universe of images and iconography fed by tremendous creative energy; this city invades me. Filtered through my mind and mixed with my dreams, this is my New York.

I leave aside the noise, the crowds, the dirtiness, the pollution, the high rents, the smell, the garbage overflowing, the selfishness, there is no room for it here.

The subway rider gazing through the carriage window crossing the bridge, listening to music on headphones. The view through the glass skyscraper office building, the silent city beneath. The cat peering out in silence through the window of a brownstone apartment in Brooklyn.


GABRIEL CRUZ is a Spanish artist based in Brooklyn. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Madrid before moving to New York in 2009 where he found enormous creative energy. Fueled and inspired by the life of the city around him, Cruz has developed an extensive body of work here.

A combination of the real and the imagined, Cruz's paintings take on a dreamlike quality, with colors, shapes and perspective filtered through memory and experience. Colorful and expressive, these works provide a mosaic kaleidoscope vision of the artists Urban experience.