Frid Branham

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
"Untitled" 2015, 22"x16"x7", Wire, Wire mesh & cotton fibers
"Untitled" 2015, 68"x14", Crochet fiber, ceramic & Steel
"Prochno" 2014, 22"x20", Crochet linen, acrylic & wood
"Variegated Whites" 2015, 36"x32", Cotton fibers
"Five Arches" 2015, 18"x14", Wool fiber & steel wires
Artist's Statement

As an artist and architect, my work regularly reflects on the conventions and history of everyday and home; our daily routines, especially those leaving or requiring marks: how our decisions are affected in nature and gained by the associations of experience, rituals, memory and perception. There is great satisfaction completing an object, which requires a lot of focused effort, with limited knowledge about the method. The laborious and repetitive nature of making act as my guide and largest challenge. The process has become a tremendous struggle. Working in a profession dominated by men, I chose to use a mediums/methods historically defined as “women’s work”. As I am regularly reminded of my gender differences, I believe the scale and duration challenges these perceptions.


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