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Francine LeClercq

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
The last Supper Untitled/ gesso on MDF/ 8 x 21 feet
The last Supper Untitled/ Installation
3:2 / Installation/ Thermochromic ink , magnets, metal plates
[T] HERE /ink on paper
no picture available, digital keying paint, thermochromic ink, 48 x 64 in.
Artist's Statement

There is no white picture. And there is no old picture. It is always a question of current experience and current perception.

Exploration of the process of painting and the “idea of painting” with a deeper focus on the complementary dialogue between materiality, content, the space of the exhibition, perceptual process and encounter with the viewer. Displacement, sequences, stratification, viscosity, morphological and semantic registers, curatorial and historical operations, are the elements with which I explore these notions.


Francine LeClercq was born in Belfort, France. She completed her education in interior architecture and fine arts with honors from the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg/ France. Recipient of the Ritleng Prize, she was invited to collaborate on works with the International architect/artist/designer Gaetano Pesce in New York. She has had the privilege to see her work selected in juried competitions by eminent curators such as Peter Blum, James Cuno, Lynne Warren, Maxwell Anderson , to mention a few. She recently won the fifth round of the international online Saatchi gallery competition and was selected to show in London. Museum exhibitions include The McCormick Freedom Museum (Chicago/IL), The Holter Museum of Art (Montana), The Allentown Art Museum (Allentown, PA), The Islip Art Museum (Islip, NY). She has lived in New York City since 1992, where aside from painting, she practices architecture and design.