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Francine Demeulenaere

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
It is the brightness of love that hold the universe: vinyl on canvas(two panels)72x36 inches.
The towers of spirituality: Vinyl on tissue paper 80x74 inches
The flute that dissolve the destructive unconsciousness of human being pencil on paper 11x8 inches
Diagram to protect the ozone layer Vinyl on canvas 84x42 inches
White magnolia : Two panels Vinyl on canvas 118x108 inches
Artist's Statement

I paint to stay close to the mystery of life,to be always in interesting thoughts.
I paint against mediocrity,against cowerdness,against lies, against injustice.
I paint to make my soul grow, to make my mind grow, to make my heart grow.I paint because beauty comfort us in this cruel world constructed by mankind.
I paint to keep my creativity always alive.
I paint because i believe in brotherhood and in the construction of a free and just world for everyone.
I paint to testify that life is preciois and that we are the guardian of this existence.


I am a french artist living in New York since four years.I came here to meet Louise Bourgeois.I was curious to see how, a women artist from the generation of my grand mother, with such a work was like.I was very impressed by her toughness and her courage.She gave me a recommendation to get a grant and told me that my work should be shown in new York. After some time in the city I had to apply for an artist visa which was a very painful experience,because you have to ask to fifty people in the art world to write that you are exceptional
Franpaintingschannel on you tube.