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Flavio Bragaloni

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Paid sex oil on canvas
The War oil on canvas and wood.
Face to Face with pollution oil on canvas
Gay Marriage oil on canvas
Hanging Heart oil on canvas
Artist's Statement

Flavio Bragaloni ( Brag )
Born in Italy Rome 29 July 1967
Education: Istituto Statale D'arte in Fine Art 1987.
Professional Specialization:
1996-98 Decoration " Lignarius In Rome "
1998 Artistic decoration ' Personal interior design" Rome
1997 Exibition Paintins and Sculpture Biennale Florence.
Professional experiences:
1995- 2003 Free lance assignment in artistic decoration + special painting oil on canvas in Italy -Dubay.
2003 Artistic decoration in Montecarlo, Paris, For Design 2000
2004-05 Artistic decoration in Moscow ( Private Residence )
2005-10 Free lance assignment for private appartament in New York for artistic Decoration.
2010-11 Artistic decoration in Washington DC Private Residence Ambassy from Qatar.
Some of my work was covered on a very important Italian
newspaper ( )