Fernanda Cohen

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Club Murals in Long Island
More Club Murals in Long Island
Hot Dog and I - 21"x21" - 20x200 print
War of Love - 21" x 21"
Soho Restaurant Mural
Artist's Statement

We all communicate through words as words translate into visuals. My images are my words.

I believe in drawing not as mere media or style, but rather as the ultimate way to deliver ideas; a combination of self-expression with an essentially bold and direct interaction with the viewer.

As a visual artist as well as an idealist, I comprehend almost everything through subtlety, optimism and humor. I play with universal ideas as I watch them mock my existence.

I ultimately simply continue an infinite dialogue on a blank piece of paper.

Fernanda Cohen - NYC 2010



School of Visual Arts - BFA 2004

Exhibitions include: Solo shows at Elsi del Rio (Argentina), A Taste of Art (Manhattan), Consulate of Argentina in New York, and Centro Cultural Borges (Arg). Jen Bekman's 20x200.
Clients/projects include: A line of designer T shirts for The Gap; a line of designer shoes for Keds; ad campaigns for Target, MTV, Coca Cola, Michelle Obama's Ikram, Sex and the City and Gardasil; the cover of The NY Times Magazine and illustrations for The New Yorker and Time among many others.
Awards include: Gold and silver medals from the Society of Illustrators of NY and LA and first prizes from Creative Review and ALTpick.
Professor at the School of Visual Arts; vice president of the conference ICON6; writer for American Illustration; advisor to 3x3 magazine and lecture producer at the Society of Illustrators of NY.