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Fabienne Lasserre

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Untitled, 2009, felt, linen, acrylic polymer, acrylic paint,pigment, molding paste, H49" x W31" x D7".
Untitled, 2009, acrylic paint, paper, mdf, steel, enamel, H89" x W21" x D17".
Stupid, Timid, andFree, 2009, felt, linen, pigment, acrylic polymer, acrylic paint on canvas, H50" x W55" x D18".
Halsey, 2009, linen, acrylic polymer, acrylic paint, paper, aluminum, H38" x W27" x D29".
Untitled, 2008, linen, acrylic polymer, acrylic paint, pigment, H34.5" x W37.5" x D32.5".
Artist's Statement

My process is meandering and unplanned. For me, uncertainty is intrinsic to finding out. Science-fiction and mythology are a source of inspiration because of the political implications of some of these narratives. ‘Truth’ is stretched, mixed, turned over. I use malleable materials that have an indistinct structure, in which no part dominates or leads. What attracts me to paint, beyond the tradition one wrestles with, is its liminal quality: fluid and solid, simultaneously matter (substance), and illusion (depiction). It has nothing to do with flatness or two-dimensional space. My work is indebted to feminist thought and art practice, and the Body is a central preoccupation. I warp, twist, lean and stack because these states evoke a vast array of relations of desire, repulsion, aggression, cooperation, affection, mercy and cruelty.


Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Projects include "Structured Simplicity", curated by Felicity Hogan at Dumbo Arts Center, 2009 ; "The Split Wall", with Hilary Harnischfeger at South First Gallery, 2008 ; and her debut New York solo exhibition, "Others", at Virgil de Voldere Gallery, in 2006. Group exhibitions include "Welcome to My World", curated by Matthew Day Jackson and Amy Davila, Alexandre Pollazzon Gallery, London, UK, "The Line of Time And the Plane of Now", Harris Lieberman Gallery, New York and "Possibly Being" at Esso Gallery, New York. Lasserre was awarded the Special Editions Residency at the Lower East Side Printshop in 2007 and the Emerging Artists Fellowship at Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY in 2006. She has recently completed a residency at La Curtiduria, Oaxaca, Mexico. "Hace Mucho que No Te Veo", a two-person show with Christy Gast, is upcoming (March 2009) at Espacio Matacuna 100, Santiago, Chile.