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Eva Rorandelli

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Looking towards mass media advertising, fashion, and the surplus of images that surround us, my work investigates contemporary perceptions of identity by questioning what is "real" as the world becomes increasingly artificial due to technological advances and the development of new moral and social infrastructures. My paintings explore the relationship between imagination and reality and critique the emphasis in today's society of appearance over essence. Playing with traditional techniques and themes, and the contrast of collaged materials, resins, and the chemical adhesion of pigment to cloth, the physical nature of the textile becomes a hybrid form of chemical imbalance that parallels the development of today's foundation-altering technologies (such as nanorobotics and artificial life) and their imminent implications for the fabric of human consciousness.


An Italian-American native of Florence, Eva Rorandelli is an artist who shares her time between Florence, New York and San Francisco. Her undergraduate studies were at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence, where she specialized in traditional oil painting techniques, with additional studies in the United States at the New York Academy of Arts in New York and Santa Fe Art Institute in New Mexico. Her graduate studies include a Masters Degree in Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage from Palazzo Spinelli in Florence, Italy. Her paintings have been shown in numerous international solo and group exhibitions and she has won several painting fellowships and awards in the United States. Her latest series of paintings, “Post- Bodies” were recently on exhibition at the Fondazione D’Ars in Milan, Italy.