Etty Yaniv

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Sirens (front), mixed media installation 10'x10'x8', 2015; Labyrinth (back), mixed media on modular canvases 13'x6'x8", 2015
Beyond the Impetus of Gravity, mixed media on modular boards, 3'x3'x12', 2014
At that moment All Spaces Change, mixed media on board, 9'x3'x8", 2014
Labyrinth, mixed media on modular canvases, 13'x6'x8", 2015
Set, mixed media on canvas, 6'x5'x8", 2015
Artist's Statement

In my installation work I draw upon patterns from nature, such as turbulences, currents and sediments, to form abstracted landscapes made of discarded materials. Taken from my studio practice and every-day life, the materials include found objects like torn plastic bags, scraps of my drawings, images found online and fragments of photos depicting cities I have lived. Through a process of building and excavating, these disjointed materials coalesce into dimensional installations, like hybrid mindscapes in which the viewer is placed somewhere between the real and the imagined, the organic and the artificial. While alluding to global issues from the fragility of our Eco system to the current refugee crisis, these accumulated fragments are like coded messages which present new clues. Each layer documents a particular moment in time and only up-close the viewer may discover the hidden content underneath, like a trace of a fleeting moment.


I moved from Israel to NYC where I have worked as an editorial illustrator and now I write for a number of art publications. Recent solo exhibitions include LIU University, Brooklyn, Purdue University, University of Connecticut, Montserrat College of Art, Western Illinois University. Group shows include Haifa Museum, Israel, Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Germany, Newark Museum, Torrance Museum, LA, Sheen Center, NYC, Helen Day, VT, Ten Eyck, Brooklyn, Life on Mars, Brooklyn, Schema Projects, Brooklyn. Publications include The New York Times, The Nation, Hyperallergic, Art New England and Public Radio. I hold BA in Psychology and Literature from Tel Aviv University, BFA from Parsons and MFA from SUNY Purchase.