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Erika Roth

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Mixed media, food diaries, twisted paper cord, pipe cleaners, organza ribbon, gloss medium, on an aluminum cake stand
Food diaries, ribbon, pipe cleaners, cellophane, cord, string, assorted cosmetics, friendship bracelet on canvas
Mixed media; Food diaries, pipe cleaners, iridescent cord, organza ribbon, gloss medium, fake nails on an aluminum plate
Food diaries, rhinestones. beads, chain, iridescent and metalic paper cord, yarn, pipe cleaners on aluminum serving tray
Food diaries, crimped curling ribbon, organza ribbon, sequins, small jewels, picture from magazine, gloss medium, pen, on canvas
Artist's Statement

My work explores our cultural obsession with food, the body, and celebrity culture. “Sugar Coma,” “Conversations with Uma” “Strawberry Shortcake Suicide,”
“Funfetti Cake,” and "Anxiety" incorporate the artifacts and materials you might find in the home of a woman struggling with an eating disorder. Each art work is an investigation that explores two sides of the issue: the glossy surface and the dark reality.

My work is experimental and incorporates unusual materials and techniques. I use food diaries, ribbons, pipe cleaners, magazine pictures of girl crushes, glitter, fake jewels, fake nails and assorted cosmetics. These inexpensive materials blur the distinction between fine art and craft, in the tradition of the feminist artists of the 1970s. I am investigating how a work of art transforms these populist materials into something precious, in both form and content.


2016 “The Food Show,” Local Project Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
Member Salon, Curated by Katerina Lanfranco, Brooklyn Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
2015 “Square Foot 3 Art Basel Miami,” Group Exhibition, Projects Gallery, Miami, FL
“Quantum Leap,” Group Exhibition, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
“Shim Show,” Group Exhibition & Auction, Art Helix Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
“In Missa Interfectionis, Verum: The Dance of Death, Hexes, Voodoo, Curses and
Witchcraft, Re-envisioned,” Group Exhibition, Stephen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2014 “Fresh Art 2014,” Group Exhibition, South Bay Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
“Winter Secrets,” Group Exhibition, Local Project, Long Island City, NY

BFA, Rhode Island School of Design
MFA, California Institute of the Arts

Brooklyn Art Space