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Erik Von Ploennies

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
The Golden Egg, 2010 - Mixed media on wood 26"x24" -
Fond Memories of the Misunderstood - 2010, Mixed media on wood, 24"x24" -
Clover Hearts - 2010, Mixed media on wood, 24"x24" -
Lotus Sunrise In B-Flat Major - 2010, Mixed media on wood, 24"x24" -
Invisible - 2010, Mixed media on wood, 11"x12" -
Von Ploennies
Artist's Statement

My work is a collage of random thoughts and inspiration layered together through a series of improvisational sessions. Much of the content comes from my everyday life experiences. The end result is sometimes convoluted, and abstract. It’s similar to a dream, where things get mixed together in strange ways.


Select Exhibitions:

Outsider Art Gallery - Frenchtown, NJ
Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art - New York, NY
SPACE Gallery - Burlington, VT

Red Dot Miami/Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art - Miami, FL
U-Space Gallery, "The Sound of Violence" - Atlanta, GA
White Box/Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art - New York, NY
Edward Andrew Gallery - New York, NY

Wytwornia Theater - HAJDPARK Arts Festival, Warsaw, Poland
Brick House Gallery - Sacramento, CA
GAGA Arts Center - Garnerville, NY

BSEE (Electrical Engineering), 1995 - California State Polytechnic University of Pomona.