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Erik Patton

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
2009, 24.5” x 40”, Acrylic on 56 photographs. Ten minutes on
2009, 20” x 30”, Acrylic on digitally altered photograph. Jens (Lekman), I love you so much
2009, 20” x 48”, Acrylic on digitally altered photograph. Warhol Halloween 2008
2009, 30” x 48”, Acrylic on digitally altered photograph. Tranny José
2009, 16” x 20”, Acrylic on copy of photographs. Beautiful Person: Amanda and Micah collage 2
Artist's Statement

With the rise of the internet came a sea of new information, ideas and voices, further muddling memories and original identities. My work addresses the distortions that arise when recalling an event or reconstructing an identity; I show the disconnection between how the said event occurred or how an identity existed, and in some cases I illustrate the potential for new definitions for events and identities. My aim is not only to hint at biases (some gender and sexual identity themed) inherent in an original event or identity but also to detail the role social forces play in objectifying an original event or identity. My work can take a physical process – some of my work is weaved together, suggesting that the construction of the work embodies the same biological (brain) function of remembering. Other works are painted and are more dream-like in nature; even if carefully documented, the mind cannot perfectly render an event twice.


Work Exhibited :
Winter 2009: selected participant in Studio Visit Magazine (
Spring 2009: participant in A Million Little Pieces, Atlanta, GA
Fall 2008: selected participant in Group Show at Art Flux, NYC
Winter 2007: participant in Post Cards from the Edge at The James Cohen Gallery, NYC
Fall 2007: selected participant Group Show at Art Flux, NYC

Art-Related Coursework (& Other Educational Initiatives):
Harvard College coursework: The Western Tradition, Landmarks of World Architecture, Michelangelo
Post-college coursework: Art of the 1960s and 1970s (at The New School) and Themes in Contemporary Art (at The Museum of Modern Art)

Harvard College, Cambridge, MA (9/99 -6/03)
Bachelor of Arts in Government with Honors, Spanish Citation
• Concentration G.P.A.: 3.7/4.0, Harvard College Scholarship, John Harvard Scholarship, Group I & II, Dean’s List (1999-2003)