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Erick Sanchez

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Primavera que no llega, 2011 . Acrylic, pigments and mixed media on canvas 84" x 72"
Te miro y tiemblo, 2011 . Acrylic, pigments and mixed media on canvas 84" x 72"
Esa luz no es como las demás, 2011 . Acrylic, pigments and mixed media on canvas 60" x 72"
Cuidao guaraguao, que si no vuelas te quemas, 2011 . Acrylic, pigments and mixed media on canvas 60" x 72"
El viento ya no está a favor, 2011 . Acrylic, pigments and mixed media on paper 12" x 9"
Artist's Statement

Erick Sánchez
Dangerous Land

My new proposal “Dangerous Land" is a response to environmental, social, political and inhumane worldwide contemporary issues. I give shape to an unstable space that no longer has or will disappear because of globalization, industrialization and global warming. This leads to natural disasters extinguishing life and nature. These events are the consequences of human behavior. Theologists call it the Apocalypse; the Rapture. I call it Destiny.

The materials I’m using in this series of paintings, collages and installations are liquid and powder pigments in raw, various acrylic mediums, emulsion, charcoal, graphite, shredded rubber, glass beads, copper and aluminum leaf, black magnum, urethane, stainless steel, silver and aluminum powder among others.

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Erick Sánchez is a painter living and working in New York City. He was born in 1973 in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

In 1996, Sánchez emerged as a self tough artist after helping a friend to paint a mural. In 2002, he enrolled in The San Juan Art Students League in Puerto Rico. He studied with Luis Ivorra and Rafael Rivera Ortiz. In 2005, Sánchez decided to study at The Art Students League of New York for an intensive summer program. That’s when his art really changed and started to grow. In 2008, Erick moved from Puerto Rico to New York and reenrolled at the ASL. A year later he was awarded a study scholarship with the artist/instructor Bruce Dorfman.

Erick Sánchez, with his new proposal "Dangerous Land" has reinvented the contemporary landscape painting. He is considered by some to be the precursor of the 21st century traditional landscape.

Erick has participated in tens of exhibitions and received various awards.