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Erica Schreiner

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
video still from Nectar (2011)
video still from Nectar (2011)
video still from Paper Cup (2008)
video still from Lover (2008)
video still from Ohio (2008)
Artist's Statement

When I turn on the camera, I’m reminded that I’m alive. Up until that point, I am unsure that I exist or that I even want to. My work is an exploration into a secret place that remains pure, magical, dangerous, and immersive. I want to share an intimacy with the viewer where they too become vulnerable just by looking.

This is a place where I can be free to create order and continually destroy it. Create. Smash. Create. Stab. Create. Set on fire. I often work with flowers, fruit and vegetables because it’s important to me what they symbolize—life. Through destroying a life, something else is born.


Erica Schreiner is an experimental video and performance artist living and working in New York City. Originally from Oregon, in Portland, Erica became known for her weekly video installations, character performances and involvement in the zine community.

Erica began exploring video in 2006 through her work in The Skye Project, which presents the lonely yet hopeful world of the highly developed, plucky, pink-haired girl:

Erica went on to release a book of short stories entitled Hellos and Goodbyes. In 2010, Erica showed a collection of her video installations and stills alongside visual artist, Sol Kjøk at the Bill Hodges Gallery in NYC. This January Erica's videos were presented in LA at Downtown Independent.

Currently, Erica is in the process of creating new video work for an upcoming solo exhibit.