eric hollender

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
paper honeycomb (dimensions variable detail section h5' x w8' x d2')
paper honeycomb (dimensions variable - alternate detail)
porcelain grass (detail)
porcelain grass (detail 12" x 12" sections)
'lucky day' (oversize terracotta fortune cookies; dimensions variable approx h3' x w4' x d4')
Artist's Statement

The work I make is largely based on observation. By pulling out the subtle humor and irony of everyday life and isolating little details, I try to present the familiar in a way that creates an alternate awareness.


Eric Hollender grew up in New York and studied art at Alfred University.
He has shown in various places including the Carolina Nitsch Project Room and the Dam Stuhltrager Gallery in New York. And in Berlin, at the East West project Space.  Though it may seem strange in the digital age, he still loves creating objects and installations with one of the oldest materials around – clay. As the host of a monthly show of slides, video, and animation however, he rarely leaves home without a camera, pen and at least one notebook…