Eric Finzi

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
If Loving You Is Wrong I Don' t Want to be Right",, 70 x 48, 2009, Eric Finzi
Only A Little Thing, 48 x48, epoxy resin,mixed media 2009
Twining, 70 x 46, epoxy resin ,mixed media on wood,2009
Metastable Couple, 48 x 39, epoxy resin, mixed media on wood, 2009
Serenade, 70 x48, epoxy resin, mixed media on wood, 2009
Artist's Statement

  My paintings  use time,  heat, cold, wind, gravity ,viscosity, syringes and needles as artistic tools. I work with epoxy resin as my medium of choice. I enjoy the struggle in trying to control a toxic substance that presents difficulties as I try to control chaos.  


2010If Loving You is Wrong I Don't Want to be Right, Perihelion Arts, Phoenix, AZ