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Emilie Lemakis

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Dumb Belle" wood, enamel paint, electrical lights, metal drains and artist, 2009
"Everybody Has a Bit of the Octopus in Them" watercolor on paper, 96 x 52.5 inches, 2009
"Until Death Us Do Part" ink on paper, 96 x 52.5 inches, 2009
"Urn" watercolor on paper, 95 x 42 inches, 2009
"Low Tide" ink on paper, 106 x 52.5 inches, 2009
Artist's Statement

I mostly work in large-scale drawing, but through sculpture and photography, I extend my creative
process.  A desire for independence from more formal and technical concerns has made navigating
between my ideas and work more direct.   Most of my subject matter is energized by artifacts from
Neolithic times to ancient Greece: their stylized form and clarification of marks and images are
recognizable to a point but deepen into mystery.  There is a vitalness to their content: life, death, and
fertility; they seem to say "my life depends on this".  Taking these prior models as my cues, my own
creative process thrives on the making and displaying of my own rules in this contemporary existence
that is its own sacred fire.


Emilie Lemakis was born in 1965.  She graduated from the School of the Museum
of Fine Arts, Boston in 1993.  Her work has been selected for several group shows
in and around New York City since 1994.  Most recently, she exhibited her work in
the show "Trans-Positions along the Queensboro Bridge" in Long Island City and
in the "Sketchbook Show" in San Francisco.  She lives and works in New York City.
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