Elvira Clayton

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Old Lady in Blue Headscarf, 2008, 15"x10"x7", mixed media sculpture
My Left Eye is Jumping, 2008, 15"x14"x15", mixed media sculpture
Herstory/Mystory, 2008, Installation
Should I Move Downtown?, 2008, 50"x26"x6", mixed media on wood
A Higher Power, 2009, 62'x34"x8", mixed media on wood
Artist's Statement

My work brings into focus the stories of ordinary people, those whose histories will not be recorded.
It is with the chronicles of their lives that the truths and richness that define humanity can be found.
In creating my "story vessels", I combine discarded narratives and objects, giving them a physical presence.
Many times it is the information not gathered, the questions unanswered that gives a piece it’s most power.
I invite my audience to look closer, examine themselves and cultures that are not their own.