Elsie Apacible

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Raining in the Village" 14" x 18" , Oil on Canvas
"Summer" 12" x 12" , Oil on Canvas
"Sampan" 16" x 28" , Oil on Canvas
"Fall" 12" x 12" , Oil on Canvas
"Buddha on Sunrise" 20" x 24" , Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf
Artist's Statement

“Discovering and indulging in your passion would direct you beyond your expectations”.

A free spirited person, Elsie believes there is no limit to learning new things. She believes in a passing energy from every element of life and is convinced that nature is the corridor to its own vital existence. Her fascination for different cultures and their traditions infuses her with the inspiration to transfigure this wonderment onto canvas. Her passion for colors, and vision for shapes and sizes give her the ability to explore - attributing her work to a certain perspective that makes it evident to the audience.


Elsie was in the hospitality industry before she became an artist. She is self-taught, but grew up in a family with a mélange of artistic skills. She started painting in 2005 and found her way by participating in various group exhibitions while living in Singapore. She managed to launch her first solo exhibition in 2008. She joined LICA (Long Island City Artists) when she first moved to NYC in 2009. She was one of the participants in the 3rd Ward Spring 2011 Open Exhibition. She just recently joined a group exhibition in SpaceWomb Gallery based in LIC entitled “Capturing Time” in November 10-16, 2012 and her most recent ones was entitled “The Balance of Elements” at Jamaica Performing Arts Center last February 28, 2013. One of her work is currently on a tour for "Bridging the Gap" in Flushing Town Halls, La Guardia Community College and Queensborough Community College from June till November of 2013.