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Ellie Ga

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Fissure 2: 80°N, 3°W, digital print 20x24", 2009
Hand 2: 80°N, 3°W, digital print 20x24", 2009
Fissure 3: 83°N, 2°E, digital print 20x24", 2009
Hand 3: 83°N, 2°E, digital print 20x24", 2009
The Fortunetellers, Performance still, Bruce High Quality Foundation University, Dec 2009
Artist's Statement

From the poetic banality of stains on city pavements, to my experience of remote places, my projects incorporate the narration of exploration and the limits of photographic documentation.  These projects culminate in  performative lectures, videos and photographic installations.
The photographs seen here are part of The Fortunetellers, a project begun when I was the artist-in-residence for a scientific expedition near the North Pole.  These works use the metaphor of fortunetelling to depict the everyday life of 10 people locked in the ice with no control over their futures while drifting in the pack ice. As we inched closer to the ice edge, fissures would form in the ice. I would light up these fissures with our headlamps, which reminded me of tracing lines on the palm of a hand to tell the future: a system of interpreting signs to uncover the invisible phenomena of the world.