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Ellen Hackl Fagan

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ColorSoundGrammar_Art Society of Old Greenwich
Hackl Fagan
Artist's Statement

I build connections between color and sound using installations, interactive games, and collaborations that combine my color-and-texture saturated paintings with music and digital technologies. Each installation invites viewers a chance to explore synaesthesia for themselves.

My work walks the balance between randomness and intention, and, like jazz music, continues to reveal limitless possibilities for improvisation.

Echoing life’s chaotic beauty, my work embraces all my obsessions du jour: pop music, complexity theory, Jungian psychology, Eastern philosophy, minimalism and decorative art.


Ellen Hackl Fagan earned a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Painting and Interdisciplinary Media in 2005 from Hartford Art School, CT. She became a RADIUS artist at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, in 2004, and has exhibited her work extensively throughout New England and New York City. She maintains her painting studio in Harlem and a ceramics studio at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, New York.