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Ellen Berdinner

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forged steel and mica
forged steel, bronze, and mica
forged steel and mica
close-up of Olivia's Necklace
Artist's Statement

I’m interested in how simple lines interact with light and space. Shadows and light play an important role both physically and metaphorically, by providing an added dimension, one that suggests underlying movement, and the constancy of change. I also search for rhythm in contradiction by combining disparate materials and ideas. My most recent work marries the weight and opacity of steel with the fragility and translucence of mica, allowing me to find their balancing point, as well as explore the duality inherent in being a woman, especially one who bends steel with her bare hands.

Though recycled and reclaimed materials play a significant role in my work, I never leave them in their original state. Rather, I breathe new life into them through the age-old process of forging.


Ellen Berdinner, is a graduate of the University of Utah, and a dual citizen of the US and Ireland. She studied welding, forging and sculpture at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, WA, and at Cold Hanworth Forge in Lincolnshire, England. Recently, she spent 20 months working as a full-time shop assistant/apprentice for Steve Lopes, an artisan blacksmith, in Port Townsend, WA. She is currently an artist-in-residence at the Art Students League of New York’s Vytlacil Campus.