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Elizabeth Jordan

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
The Laws of Magic Series: Recalled to Life (left) Ghostie (right)
The Laws of Magic Series: Someday We Will All Be Forgotten
The Laws of Magic Series: Their Fates Were Intertwined
Morgan's Bones: The Past is Always Present (detail)
The Lives of Birds (Installation View)
Artist's Statement

My studio is a place of expression, solitude, emotion, playfulness, tedium, escape from reality, light-heartedness, devotion and obsession. It is a haven where I can leave life and the world behind.

My work is the expression of a conversation I have with myself, where a long thread of thoughts connect ideas, memories and emotions with shapes, materials and associations.


Elizabeth Jordan is a Brooklyn, NY artist who works primarily in sculpture. In combining found objects and ordinary industrial materials with unique hand-made processes, Jordan’s work is able to make a connection between the beauty and grimness that cohabit the natural world. The quirkiness of materials and methods create a haunting and humorous roadmap to the ephemeral and transitory nature of life and death. Always concerned with opposites, Jordan reminds us that life is a circle with no real beginning and no real end. Elizabeth Jordan is a member of AS | Artists Studios, and her other works—including artists books and prints—can be seen at: