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Elizabeth Berdann

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Detail of Shelburne Installation, 2009; watercolor on ivory
Shelburne Installation (Marvels, Mysteries & Wonders), 2009; watercolor on ivory
2010 installation showing "Flower" and "Emoticons", Contemporary Museum, Hawaii
Detail of "Flower", 2007; oil on wood
"The Wall of Tongues" (2010 Hawaii installation), 1990; oil on copper
Artist's Statement

I am continually fascinated by the plasticity of bodies and the underlying psychological terrain. My work expands the genre of portraiture by investigating the subject's relationship to his/her appearance, by addressing self-representation, and by incorporating directly or refusing to acknowledge the notion of the portrait as a reflection of a patron's (or subject's) vanity. This exploration generates a rich array of nonphysical/metaphysical ideas: the dichotomy of the inner/outer experience, the redefinition of beauty, the problem of intimacy, and the marvel of the visible world.


The Contemporary Museum, Hawaii
Cristinerose Gallery, NY
Montclair Art Museum, NJ
Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco
Ruth Bloom Gallery, Santa Monica
Josh Baer Gallery, NY
White Columns, NY

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT
Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles
Lesley Heller Gallery, NY
The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu
Montclair Art Museum, NJ
Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, CA
Anna Kustera Gallery, NY
Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica
Cristinerose Gallery, NY
Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY
"Bad Girls”, New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY
“Bad Girls West”, UCLA, Los Angeles
Littlejohn-Sternau Gallery, NY
Stiebel Modern, NY
Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY
Josh Baer Gallery, NY
Betty Rymer Gallery, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY
Stux Gallery, New York
Soho Center for Visual Artists, NY