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A photo-collage from 1960's photographs.
A watercolor study from the photo-collage.
A painting on paper from a photo-collage.
A painting on paper from a photo-collage.
A painting on paper from a photo-collage.
Artist's Statement

Recovery and loss are at the heart of my practice and the driving force behind my work as an artist.
I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and lived in many homes and cities. My fragmented family contracted and expanded with time and childhood keepsakes are gone. This consummate effort to collect memorabilia provides the inspiration and medium for my work.
In 2013, I found a faux-wood vinyl covered photo album from the mid-sixties. It belonged to a middle school-aged boy whose collection of carefully preserved pictures provided traces of his life. The nostalgic imagery and the print itself contained colors and patterns that have motivated three years of work.
Salvaging and reimagining the printed photograph in a digital world is especially appealing to me because nothing is tangible anymore. The small photo-collages to the large paintings safeguards what is lost- a scrap of 1960’s kitchen wallpaper or a pink aluminum lawn chair.


solo exhibitions
Roy G Biv Gallery, Columbus, OH 2016
Gallery Molly Krom,”More, I need more…”, New York, NY 2015
Bermuda Society of Arts, Edinburgh Gallery, Hamilton, Bermuda 1996

group exhibitions
Salon Zurcher Mini Fair, Gallery Molly Krom, Paris, France 2016
Brandt-Roberts Galleries, Abstract Invitational, Columbus, OH 2016
The Cluster Gallery, “Reformed & Reimagined” Three Person Show, Brooklyn, NY 2016
Art Zealous/Workville, Group Display, New York, NY 2016
Megalodon Pop Up Exhibition, Hosted by Proto Gallery, Hoboken, NJ 2015
Art On Paper Fair, Gallery Molly Krom, New York, NY 2015
Cutlog New York, “Women with Means” Gallery Molly Krom, New York, NY 2014
Castello 925 “Come Together: Collage”, Venice, Italy 2014
Gallery Molly Krom "Come Together: Collage", New York, NY 2014

Skidmore College, Bachelor of Science, Saratoga Springs, NY 1987