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Eliette Markhbein

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
acrylic on paper
acrylic on canvas 6feet x 8feet
acrylic on canvas 3feet x 4feet
charcoal and acrylic on paper 7feet x 4feet. Part of a series of 12 portraits
acrylic on canvas 4feet x 7feet
Artist's Statement


Paint, paint always paint paint when you have nothing to say paint when you don’t feel like it paint anyway. Paint like you breathe guts ripping blood rushing to escape to feel whole to soar. Paint to shut up pain despair anger the edge of the precipice the void. Paint till your spirits explode your thoughts liquefy till fear exits.


Eliette Markhbein was born and raised in Paris and lives in New York. A practitioner of the open studios, she enjoys working in the company of other artists. Her paintings are instinctive, the mirror of a rich and questioning interior landscape and her exploration of the powers of creativity to recover from trauma resulted in an Artist Residency at the Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Center where she sustains patients with brain and spinal cord injuries by painting with them. Markhbein’s paintings inform her work at the hospital as much as her work with patients informs her personal painting.