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el celso

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Studio Location
Art Burn, 2009, an international contemporary art expo & immolation held during Art Basel Miami Beach.
Post No Bills, 2008. A streetside art gallery in Long Island City on the walls of a construction site that covered one block.
Indian Summer, 2007. A one-day park and Indian trading post across from Lincoln Center that dispensed art-lottery tickets.
A Maze. 2008. Street art installation and exhibit constructed out of recycled paintings, at Factory Fresh, Brooklyn.
Supah-Stah, 2007 (18x24") Spray paint and marker on Plexiglas bolted to a sign post in lower Manhattan.
Artist's Statement

Art has a life cycle, a beginning and end. For years, I've worked as a street artist, putting up works that were destined to die: painted over by fellow artists & covered up by advertising. It's humbling, turning every work into something fleeting. But it's something that’s led me to explore the precious ways in which we regard art. In recent years, I've undertaken a number of performance-based actions intended to explore the temporary nature of objects: a trading post that dispensed lottery tickets that in order to be scratched would destroy an original drawing; a gallery opening on a construction site in Queens that was eventually razed; a room-sized maze hammered together out of painted canvases; an outdoor art burning, timed to coincide with Miami's art fairs, in which I immolated the works of dozens of international artists. Why destroy? Because sometimes objects are rendered infinitely more priceless when they no longer exist.


Artist El Celso loves and works in Manhattan but currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. The Art Newspaper described his most recent show, 'Art Burn,' as a 'bonfire of the art vanities.' The New York Times described his previous exhibition, 'Post No Bills,' a street art gallery installation in Long Island City as 'audacious.' The Brooklyn Rail describes El Celso as 'a street artist with a taste for experimentation, a knack for making things happen and a predilection for drawing colorful naked women.' He is currently an artist-in-residence at chashama.

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