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STATION 3- Acording to the Boudist beleiefs there are three close signs of death
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OPUS INCERTUM (Orfeo) - They left Africa on Christmas Eve seeking a better life in Europe. Instead, the immigrants' rusty boat d
Artist's Statement

I am preoccupied with the circuitous route but nevertheless limited paths of time.

The present as a distorted component of time where memories are not devalued, not are they fully understood, and the future as a state of quivering anticipation.

My work reflects my relationship to mortality within the vast span of history and nature.

I am trying to resist specific locations and determinations or full narrative, whether temporal, geographical or psychological.

I experiment with various media: drawings, installation, video and photography


Ektoras Binikos is an artist living in NYC. He was born in Greece in the island of Ikaria and was educated in Athens.
He received his degree in Film Direction from the Greek Film Institute (Lykourgos Stavrakos). After coming to New York, he furthered his studies at the New School University in Graphic Design/ Electronic Publishing as well as Video Production, and at Cooper Union in drawing & collages. Has exhibited his multi-media work in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States, Europe and South America. .
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