Einat Imber

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Unison" | FGR, graphite, caster wheels | 31x31x26 inches
"Mortar" | books, bar-clamps | 68x31x56 inches
"Circumference" | wood, matches | 20x11x11 inches
"Drop" | clay, string, plastic | 16x8x12 feet
"Footprints" | pair of C-prints | each 21x13 inches
Artist's Statement

A heavy object can leave its mark in the malleable sand in one instance or pull tight an elastic string in another. This interaction between two materials is often my starting point. In the finished sculptures I use futile wheels, never-ending circles or suspension in mid-air to create a sense of un-movement. I employ objects from our everyday life, remove them from their usual context and assign them a new function. Books become building blocks when pressed together by wood clamps. A series of matches outlines a log but instead of setting the wood on fire, the matches pass the flame from one to the next. The result, rather than appearing absurd, is convincing in its own logic.



Einat Imber (born 1979, Israel) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Although her practice is based in an urban environment, it is closely related to nature. In 2008, a fellowship from the Joan Mitchell Foundation allowed her to spend 4 weeks as artist in residence at the Vermont Studio Center. She returned to the city with a U-haul full of driftwood. Other materials for her work are sourced from hardware stores, the 99¢ store, bait and tackle shops, the fabric district or the McMaster catalogue. Her work has been included in numerous group shows in and around New York City. Most recently she presented a room full of sculptures, drawing and photography as part of the 2010 Governors Island Art Fair. Next summer she hopes to flood the city streets with bubbles blown by air-conditioners. She received her BFA from the Cooper Union and lessons for a lifetime from its sculpture shop.