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Efrat Kedem

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
We Buy Gold, 2014 Installation view
Heart shape line made by walking on the snow,Princeton 2012,Detail from installation view
A terrible thing happened to Mrs Raven ,2011 Installation view
The Statue of the Anonymous Secretary, 2010 Environmental Project
Can you see this raft? I think i need it, 2008 Installation view
Artist's Statement

With strategies varying from small gestures with ready-mades to minor interventions, my work pays declarative attention to nuanced details of under-noticed objects and moments. I use peripheral, seemingly dysfunctional objects: discarded IKEA table, synthetic turf leftovers, Amazon packages, to create visual references to contemporary cultural landscapes. I explore and blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, representation and reality, transience and permanence, function and dysfunction, self-importance and irony. Looking for the drama in the non-event, I seek to excavate new meanings and references, converting the objects to testimonies of a greater order, while retaining their original concreteness. My choice of materials is prompted by the feeling that as the world is exploding with stuff, we should engage in conceptual recycling of the ready-made. But unlike the tradition of the objet trouvé, found objects serve me as natu


Efrat Kedem was born 1980 in Jerusalem, Israel, and currently resides in Manhattan, NY. She received her B.Ed.F.A. (2005) from the Midrasha School of Art. And graduated with honors her M.F.A. (2008) studies at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design. Efrat has a very active career she participated in dozens of group and solo exhibitions, in museums and galleries in Israel ,Europe and the U.S . she awarded the EcoOcean Scholarship, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Israel(2008) and the Musya Tulman & Malca Ben Yosef Excellency Award, Bezalel (2008) .She participated In the Creative Capital & Artis-Strategic Planning,Professional Development, workshop.NYC (2011), and received the "Givon Prize", In Memory of Mr. Sam Givon, from The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv (Oct 2011).
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