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Efrat Baler

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
BUSTED:PAINTING OF A BUST 2013, Oil on canvas, 24" x 30" and BUSTED series screen shots from Facebook postings. 16"x48" canvas
FRUIT SLOTS 2013, Mixed Media on canvas, 54"x 36" and screen shots from Facebook postings. 20"x16" canvas print
CHICKEN STOCK 2012, Oil on Canvas, 18"x36" and screen shots from Facebook postings. 10"x23" canvas print
APPLES TO APPLES 2013, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 10" and screen shots from Facebook postings. 8"x15" canvas print
COOL AS A CUCUMBER 2012, Oil on Canvas, 18"x36" and screen shots from Facebook postings. 20"x30" posterboard print
Artist's Statement

My work explores the progress and evolution of an art work. It examines how art work is made, thought of, developed and how it can be viewed. I expose to the viewer components of the art work from different perspectives and stage evolution scenarios of the painting. I use canvases and canvas cloth in various ways, trying to go beyond the iconic canvas as a flat frontal object.
In my more recent work I have documented the actual making of an art work through social media where I also solicit comments and suggestions. I have taken screenshots of the postings and printed them on a canvas or a poster. I exhibit the actual finished work of art alongside the facsimile of the social media interaction.

By presenting different versions rather than a single and static viewpoint and by obscuring or making visible the elements in the work I am pointing to the complicated relationship between representation, perception and reality.


BFA from Bezalel Art Academy, Israel
1983 American - Israeli Culture Foundation Scholarship
2014 440 Gallery, Bklyn, NY
2013 PLG Arts, Tugboat, Bklyn, NY
2012 GO Brooklyn Art
2012 Parallax, NYC
2011 A.I.R Gallery, Bklyn, NY
2011 & 08 PLG Arts, Bklyn, NY
2006/2007 Israel Museum Youth Wing. Jerusalem, Israel
1999 Space Gallery, Bklyn, NY
1998 3 group shows, Emerging Collector, NYC
1995 Alternative Museum, NYC
1992 Red Building, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1990 PROMISE: 10 Bezalel Artists most promising Artists, Jerusalem, Israel
1990 Artists on a billboard Project. Frankfurt, Germany
1989 Painters and Sculptors Assoc., Tel-Aviv, Israel
1988 Richter Gallery, Jaffa, Israel
1986, Jerusalem Theater, Israel
1986 Dizengoff Center, Tel-Aviv Israel
1985 Ein Harod Museum
1991 Painters & Sculptures Assoc, Tel-Aviv Israel
1991 Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
1985 Anatea, Tel-Aviv, Israel