Edward Tabachnik

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Arrival of The Third Temple into Jerusalem. Oil on canvas. 32"x36". 2001.
Arrival of The 12th. Planet. Oil on canvas. 36"x 32". 1999.
Concert at St. Mark Square.Oil on canvas. 36"32". 2004.
Lira-piano at Water Theater.Oil on canvas. 32"x36". 1999.
Aurora Borealis at St. Mark square.Oil on canvas. 32"x40". 2006.
Artist's Statement

Artist’s Statement

New style - Romantic Expressionism

Art Revolution happened 100 years ago and is dead now.

Un-figurative Art is exhausted and repeating itself, it stopped to develop.

Back to figurative Art forms with unlimited possibilities.

Back from the flat “paper-thin” Art to deep dimensional, with Light and Shadow forms traveling in Time.

Major Art laws have never changed - composition, balance, proportions, color, harmony, time and space - shall always be present.

Art is form of energy which spreads through The Universe.

Artist is connected to The Universal Art Energy and reveals its presence through the Artist’s inspiration and subconscious.


Resume: Edward Tabachnik was born in Russia.
Educated from the St. Petersburg (Leningrad) Academy of Arts and Architecture,
one of most famous European School of Arts. It is a historic center of Russian Culture.
The Academy was founded by The Empress Katrine The Great 250 years ago and has been traditionally connected with the French “Ecole des Beaux Arts” in Paris.
Edward Tabachnik schooling is both - in architecture and painting. The Academy was the alma mater of many famous Russian artists, including Mark Chagall’s teacher - Yehuda Pen. Antakolsky, Repin, Serov, Surikov, Brulov, Vrubel, Roerich and many others.