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Edward Symes

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Artist's Statement

My focus is on sharing other people’s stories and creations, which reflect their style, circumstances, unique vision, and environment.  My interest is in capturing the details, the process, and the honesty of human interaction.  I am a builder, tinkerer, developer, and idea generator pushing myself to see and construct the world around me with fresh eyes.  As a creator, I am a collaborator by nature, crafting a story along with my subjects through interaction, whether by audio interview or quietly paying witness with my cameras or artwork.  I narrow my focus and sweat the details, bringing the world to life through powerful images and sounds that speak louder than any words can.


Edward Symes is a producer, director, and founder of Here and Now Films. Edward has shot and produced short documentaries in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Guatemala, South Africa, and East Timor. He worked as a cinematographer on the global music project 1 Giant Leap (Channel 4-UK), contributed to videos for Time Magazine and Yahoo! Assignment Earth as well as commercials for IBM, Facebook, and SEIU. As an artist, his work has appeared in group exhibitions at the Visionaires Gallery in Paris, the annual Soiree du Louvre in NYC, BGO Oakland, and Webster Hall as part of the Quarterly Art Soiree 2010. Edward is a co-founder of the creative collective FRONTRUNNER. He served as art show curator and gallery director for Frontrunner Gallery in TriBeCa from 2010-2012. Edward has taught documentary filmmaking with Barefoot Workshops and the Maine Media Workshops. He holds an MFA from Stanford University and a degree in English from Kenyon College.