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Artist Statement:
My inspirations and visions derive from my personal heritage that is intimately involved with both pre-Columbian gold and shamanism. As a system of religious beliefs and practices between the cosmos, nature and man, it gives me the impetus to create, in the belief that the glitter of gold is more than a mere reflection, more than an optically perceived phenomenon.

My research brings me to a fascination of monochromatic metallic surfaces: gold, silver and color. The findings allow me to codify and translate my work into a new metaphysics of the painted surface and toward a new form of abstraction. This abstraction is embodied on pictorial surface as ambient light, colors, shapes and movements continuously morph. By combining a layering system of metals onto a surface (copper, zinc, chrome, silver, gold, color) I continue to explore my interests in reflection, perception, light and alchemy


Born in Colombia, Eduardo Terranova moved to New York City to study languages and architecture. Once freed of the grid of the internecine Colombian war, Terranova embraced New York’s unique and diverse culture but he continued to look back to his pre-Columbian ancestry to enrich his work. The magic of shamanism and the reflection of goldworks are a constant reference to his works. His plating techniques on bulap, canvas, plaster, wood and other materials show his interests in reflection, perception, light and alchemy. Terranova holds a Master of Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of Architecture from The New York Institute of Technology.