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Eduardo Anievas-Cortines

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Artist's Statement

Art is a metaphor of reality, an effort to visually explain and celebrate our existence. I understand reality as projection of our consciousness; the “outside” is just an idea, a collection of objects that doesn’t have an existence on its own. I represent this understanding in my paintings through a conversation between gesture and structure. In most of my work there is a figurative element and a geometrical abstract element. The figure is the way I portray the ego, the self, holding a dialogue with a geometrical background that represents the conceptual matrix that we project to justify and contextualize our existence.


Eduardo Anievas Cortines was born in Santander, a city on the north coast of Spain, in 1973. His paintings approach different subjects: figure, cityscape, landscape, abstractions, and reflect a distant loneliness communicated by the interaction of organic and geometric elements through a strong use of color. Eduardo joined the University of Fine Arts of Salamanca and earned a Master’s degree in 1996. Upon earning his degree he lived for one year in Germany and spent next year living in Portugal before moving to NYC in 1999. He was awarded the grant for the Spanish Art Promotion for five consecutive years (2000-2004). His work has been exhibited across Europe and the United States: New York, Boston, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany and Portugal. His paintings are\included in the permanent collections of Ayuntamiento de Bezana, Centro Cultural Caja Cantabria, Centro Cultural La Vidriera, and UNICEF.