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Ebitenyefa Baralaye

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Artist's Statement

I create objects that evoke elements and characteristics of personal identity. I value abstraction as a mode of expression in my work because of the unlimited diversity of it as a language of open form and rhythm. This free-form of expression has no one style definition; its mark is in being encountered and echoed through the connected associations of the individual mind. In my work those associations are largely steered towards an awareness of the rich complexity within people and the arrays of existence we live in.


I was born in Nigeria, spent most of my early childhood in the Caribbean and moved to the United States shortly before starting primary school. Here I discovered an early interest in drawing that was soon supported by an admiration and study of a host artists ranging from Michelangelo to Picasso. I later was introduced to the world of sculpture through clay hand-building which led to my study of ceramics in college. There I had the freedom to develop the aims of my work within the realm of an ever deepening and widening vision. Inspired by many artists like Noguchi, Rodin and Motherwell, I began to explore themes of abstraction and identity in form. These explorations were reinforced by the voices I chimed with in avant-garde poetry and literature and in the melodies of classical music and jazz. I now live and work in Long Island City, NY, finding all sorts of inspiration to create within the city's many contexts of culture.