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Dustin Grella

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Pastels on a slate chalk board explore a stream of conscious inquiry into the life of Willem deKooning.
Craigslist request for studio space in New York City. It worked!
Artist's Statement

Being obsessive and compulsive in our society often time carries negative connotations, however in my work I prefer to celebrate these traits and often times refer to it as OCC, Obsessive Compulsive Culture. I approach my work almost as if it were a puzzle, taking an action or an idea and aggressively repeating it, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, until a resolution is found. Often times the journey is more interesting than the destination, and although a singular action is desired and chosen, influences outside of the realm of control help guide the work into new arenas.


Dustin Grella was raised in the rural community of Medina, Ohio, and now resides in New York City. He received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts, being honored with the Paula H. Rhodes Award for Excellence in Computer Art. His animations' accolades include Best of Fest, Best Animation, and Audience Choice and have screened in festivals such as the London Short Film Festival and the prestigious Annecy Animation Festival. In early 2010 the Akron Art Museum featured his short film Prayers for Peace in a four-month installation.