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Duke A. Barnstable

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Zanadu (oil/acrylic on canvas, 26"x 28", 2000)
On Perla Beach (acrylic on glass, 26"x 18", 2010)
A Girl Cut in Two (acrylic on velvet, 24"x 36", 2009)
Natural History (oil/acrylic on canvas, 28"x 20",2010)
Marco Polo (oil/acrylic on canvas, 20"x 24", 2010)
Duke A.
Artist's Statement

Aka Jamie Zeccola alias DAB......I, the fly on the wall unafraid of my drunk web of silk. The office in which I work is called Painting. I once was a Cubist, but I found it all so coy. Now, I study alone.
Snails and sherry for breakfast, brie and apples for lunch, and eel stew for dinner. At last, the hermit speaks with his brush. Hurry, make three wishes fast! The best of times and the best of crimes. Catch me if you can! The world of the short story is very long. When in Rome, do as the Greeks do. Ponder! The truth of the matter is all things lead to the end, then you wake up. DAB Tales were made for you and me!