Douglas Landau

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
windows. collage on canvas 30" x 24" 2010
eyebrows. collage on canvas 30" x 24" 2010
brushes. collage on found whiteboard 31" x 23" 2009
books. collage on canvas 24" x 24 " 2010
face. collage on canvas 16" x 12" 2007
Artist's Statement

My work is a combination of chance and choice. The elements shift to illuminate different aspects of self and art depending on their changing perspective. One element may seem to dominate for a time only to be lost in the whole as the work proceeds.
My tools are minimal - a scissor, clear acrylic to glue and protect and a surface.
My source materials are found magazines. I scour image after image until I am struck by what to cut.
The concept is a moment of inspiration.
It’s implementation is a continuous state of excitement which lasts until the idea can be seen before me on the canvas. I trust my intuition to respond to the color or texture or content of an image.
A kaleidoscopic synchronicity emerges from chaos.
I like that my technique is naive and simple, and yet gets complex and intricate results.


Douglas Landau (b. 1957) is a multi-disciplined outsider artist utilizing his technique of deconstruction and repetition with sound, video, performance and paper. His canvas’ have steadily become larger and more intricate.

Landau was born and raised in New York City. He has been a staple of the East Village since before its gentrification. He is well known for opening the now legendary King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut during the heyday of the East Village art scene, the late 1980’s. He has produced many iconic performances by internationally recognized artists including Blue Man Group, Ethyl Eichelberger, DANCENOISE, and Paul Zaloom (Beakman’s World) to name a few.

Landau’s love for travel rivals his love of art. He has taken up extended residencies in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Madrid, and San Francisco.