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Dorota Kenderova

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Is There any Objective Reality, 2008,Site specific installation, glycerine on the glass
After 76, 2006, site specific installation, black light tubes
All about Eve, 2003 vinyl foil letters, 24 perfumes
On Tv, 2004, Five channel instalation
Rhetoric of Fiction, 2010, Site specific installation in abandoned cinema ,2010, Blank Slide projection
Artist's Statement

My latest artistic production is based on different approaches including installation, performance, personal intervention, ephemeral art, permanent or transitory, literal or allegorical, existing in real time or only documented by photographs, texts or videos. I work at the borders between art and the outside world, exploring objects and processes and their relation to a particular place. I pose questions on their identity and significance, investigating our relationship with them as well as further possible ways of interacting with them. I exploit things and affairs with a strong relation to a particular place. What are they? Why do they exist and how can we deal with them? I am putting these questions into coherence and I try to give them my/their own logic. My approach is clearly conceptual and I choose appropriate media and a stringent aesthetic realization.


*13.05 . 1981
lives and works in Bratislava, SK
artist and executive codirector of Galeria Hit