Donn Davis

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Untitled, 2009, 10 X 16" Collage on Board
Untitled, 2010, 10 X 10" Collage on Linen
Untitled, 2009, 1M Diameter, Collage on Wood
There Goes Everything, 2007, 36 X 48" Collage on Linen
Contamination Anxiety, 2007, 42 X 42" Collage on Linen
Artist's Statement

I have an obsessive desire to scavenge and to redeem. I satisfy this desire while making artworks from recycled refuse, hoping for an immediate, simple impact: a self-contained marriage of quietness and loudness.
Starting with nothing, I explore what can be achieved within the bounds of a simple, strict, source- & process-oriented system. The source material is found lettering and imagery, mostly stripped from cheaply printed cardboard cartons. Constant resourcefulness and the element of chance dictate the amount & quality of printed matter I have to work with. This material is then trimmed into graphic "units" and applied to a surface with adhesive. The “artist’s hand” is gradually eliminated through restraint, precision, and a punctilious adherence to the process.
Donn Davis     11/09


A profound mistrust of authority led Donn Davis to move to New York
from a storybook Ohio cornfield town in 1986, bringing his industrious
Midwestern work ethic, scrappy resourcefulness, and his box cutter to the unruly,
gritty East Village punk-rock/graffiti/street-art scene of the time.
Since then he has developed and honed his self-invented craft
of culling & distilling castoff garbage into graphic,
vibrant works of Art.
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