domenico olivero

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Studio Location
doattime 2010 installation, dimensions variable, photos, and mixed media
“Hope grows in me ..." 2009 Inspired by the text of the young Italian writer Carlo Michelstedter, installation, mixed media.
"I meet you" 2009 1hart performance.
“Silere – be silent” 2007, sculpture, mixed media
“Protocollo Lovelock" 2007, installation, mixed media
Artist's Statement

“...wide horizons in looking for new ideas, symbols, techniques, to go on evolving in indefinite worlds, putting apart sure goals and what is important is changing learning static situations, where everything is, from prehistory up to the present, linked to the future, without limits and dimensions in a research of new relationships between forms and languages to open our mind. We have to feel alive on a planet where we want to forget our roots, meant as nationalism, elements of division but taken again as a global patrimony, and you can understand that everything is a way to express one's being, way of existing, in a continuous research of communication with other human beings with a free glance, in a direct relationship with reality, with life traces...” Domenico Olivero


He's an artist who has evolved through the years following a personal creative process, exploiting different techniques, especially by means of installations. The latter ones particularly suit his expressive demands, in order to be able to represent to its best his personal thoughts on contemporaneity. Noticeable elements in his work are a strong curiosity for social/anthropological dynamics, and a formal research involving the history of the art, revisited with humble and daily materials.
Just from these interests of his, different artistic interventions are given birth, basically characterised by a strong interaction with the public. Pursuing his increasing interest for communicative strategies, he approached the Web universe by designing. Over the last years he created two special projects: in 2004 "Resonance", which took shape through various events, and now "DO@TIME", going on until 2015 in several forms as well.