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Dianne Bowen

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Water Speaks with Air, pigments, tape on vellum, 35 1/2 "h x 25" w, 2010
Web Search, mixed medium on hand made Japanese ogura and fiber paper, 31" x 22" , 2009
A Fragile Conversation, mixed medium on hand made fiber paper, 22" x 31", 2009
A Language of Birds, pigments, tape on paper, 30" x 22", 2010
Locating Silent Frequency II, pins, perferations, folds on canvas mounted on artist board, 18" x 24", 2009
Artist's Statement

A Line, the simplest and most complicated marks, the earliest marks made by humans in a cave to communicate. Fragility,language and connection are my main focus. Exploring materials through process, a conversation begins; my hand reacts to the surface. The works are based on initial translations of sounds into forms of language and codes. I track, locate, decipher and reconstruct the myriad of infinite inaudible conversations and information bouncing faster than the speed of light. Lines in my work whirl about in a playful catch me if you can, as they crawl and swirl through constructed spaces seeking shelter and marking place. Through a fragile mark making process and use of materials reveal these intimate connections.


Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Dianne Bowen has lived and worked in the East Village for over 10 years. Bowen's work is exhibited nationally and internationally including; The Bridge Art fair in Miami and New 2009, The Brooklyn Artery Fair 2009, A.I.R. Gallery, NY the 7th Biennial Exhibition curated by Connie Butler Chief Curator of Prints and Drawings MoMA NY as well as reviewed in several print and on line publications, Art in America june/july issue 2007 image and review pg 90. "Girls, girls, girls..." By Carey Lovelace. Her work can be seen in The Drawing Center's on line curated viewing program and