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Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
GHOST RETRANSPLANTATION, 8 mins, single channel video/audio installation, life-size projection
FROM THE END OF THE EARTH TO BRING YOU MY LOVE, 26 mins, dual channel video/audio installation, dimensions vary
Artist's Statement

I elusively investigate my own identity through associations to memory, love, life & death. These mysterious experiences are catalyzed by presenting a concept driven grand gesture, -attempting to make the intangible tangible. I am interested in beauty as an idea rather than as a straightforward formal element. I am both seduced & repulsed by the sentimental. However, that duality has become a necessary element in my work always looking for a balance between superstition & logic & science & the sentimental.

Video is often thought of as the inherent medium associated with time & space. I manipulate time & virtual space through storytelling, editing and installation methods. This brings the viewer to a different locale, whether that location is geographical, experiential, supernatural or psychological. Drawing behaves as an obsessive and repetitive act utilized for the exploration of memory & the reclaiming of something familiar.


Born Riga, Latvia // Lives & Works in Brooklyn, NY
MFA from School of Visual Arts, NY //

Shpungin now works on independent projects after a 10 year collaboration. Shpungin has exhibited in venues that include: Fieldgate Gallery, London; Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo; Luxe Gallery, NY; Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami; Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY; Palm Beach Institute for Contemporary Art, FL; Rocket Projects, Miami; Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY; Bass Museum of Art, Miami ; Marella Arte Contemporenea, Milan; Galerie Zurcher, Paris & The Geisai Art Fair, Organized by Takashi Murakami in Miami. Shpungin was recently cited in the intro of Jerry Saltz new book "Seeing out Louder" and has been reviewed in publications such as Flash Art, Art in America, Art Papers, The Village Voice, The New York Times, Timeout New York, Timeout London, Connaissance des Arts and Le Monde among others.