Diana Harizanova

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
1. Blowing Away, III- oil, collage, canvas; 24"x24"
2. Blowing Away, IV- oil, collage, canvas; 24"x24"
3. Emptiness, VII- oil, canvas; 24"x24"
4. Emptiness, II- oil, canvas; 24"x24"
5. Souls, XI- oil, canvas; 20"x16"
Artist's Statement

I do not rely only on crafty methods to achieve visually my idea.
First, there is always the idea, that one that has inspired me, full of meaning in many layers, reflecting our relations. The process of doing the picture goes on trough the period of time, giving me an opportunity to realize the importance of it.
As a result there is a picture that has its own life, changing through the time or understandings of the viewer.


Working on own projects from inspirational objects.
Making, also, portraits and working as an Art teacher are giving a deeper understanding about the human’s relations.
Diana has spoken English, Bulgarian, Russian, and they are those different points of view, important for the artist’s mentality.
 2008- 2009 – Art Student League, NY, NY.
 1985- 1990 – University of Fine Arts, MFA;
 Minor: Aesthetic; Bulgaria, Europe.
 Art High School.